Corrective Eye Surgery

Did you know that misaligned eyes are more than just an aesthetic defect? Strabismus, or commonly known as crossed or Wall Eye Syndrome, results in double vision in adults. This creates detrimental effects on the developing brain of a child and is more serious.

As the eyes are still developing, the child’s eyes attempt to address the double vision by suppressing one of the images. When this happens, the abnormal eye alignment prevents the child from developing normal binocular vision development or ‘20/20 vision.’ Amblyopia itself is not dangerous, per se, but it does decrease vision in one or both eyes, meaning that the child will have poor depth perception while they grow up.

There are many causes of misaligned eyes, and many may be due to many factors such as cataracts and other eye disease, cranial nerve palsies, and high farsightedness. In cases where the misaligned eyes are very pronounced, corrective surgery is the recommended treatment, especially in younger infants as their eyesight is at greater risk of being compromised.

Clayson Williams Eye Center offers corrective eye surgery in Ogden, treating misaligned eyes before they become detrimental to you or your child’s sight in the future. Our team performs each corrective eye surgery with care to make sure that you recover immediately and resume normal everyday activities in no time.

Do you require corrective surgery in Ogden? Clayson Williams Eye Center welcomes patients who require quick strabismus treatment before their eyesight is compromised. We’re ready to answer all your questions regarding our corrective eye surgery treatments, as well as your inquiries regarding misaligned eyes and amblyopia.