Lasik Surgery

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? One of the solutions to consider is getting LASIK surgery in Ogden. This treatment has many benefits for those who are willing to undergo treatment.

What to Expect

Before the procedure starts, numbing eye drops are used to prevent the onset of discomfort in a patient’s eye. Medication may also be used to help patients relax. They will then position a patient under the laser and will place a lid spectrum to keep the eyelids open throughout.

The surgeon will then create a corneal flap and will use a computer to adjust the excimer laser to fit a patient’s prescription. A patient has to look at a light for a short while as the laser sends pulses to the cornea. This reshapes the cornea as painlessly as possible.

Our LASIK surgery in Ogden is a proven treatment that corrects vision and delivers immediate results. We also get patients coming in for LASIK surgery from Layton, Bountiful and northern Utah.

Long-term Results

LASIK surgery has the potential to dramatically improve your quality of life, especially if you have been dealing with poor eyesight for most of it. This procedure may help you achieve 20/20 vision immediately after, but the results may vary depending on your current prescription. Some patients may no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses, but others may still need them but at a lower level.

The LASIK surgery in Ogden that we offer delivers the results a patient looks for. Our doctors have the experience needed to provide this particular form of treatment and other procedures that improve eye health and vision.