Laser Eye Surgery

The advancements in medical eye surgery have led to better results; patients can look forward to significant improvements in their eyesight and can also expect faster recovery. We at the Clayson Williams Eye Center use laser eye surgery in Ogden to remove cataracts or correct vision.

Why Get Laser Eye Surgery

We experience the world differently when we can see clearly; sight is something most people take for granted, especially if they have clear vision. However, once age, disease, or accidents blur our eyesight, we begin to realize its real significance. With laser eye surgery, you get to see clearly again.

When you get laser eye surgery in Ogden from the Clayson Williams Eye Center, you can look forward to immediate results, whether a surgeon removes cataracts or corrects your vision through LASIK. Patients who undergo this procedure experience a dramatic improvement, and in most cases, they stop wearing contact lenses or glasses. We also get patients coming in from areas like Layton and Bountiful, Utah.

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is a hassle; you might not be able to enjoy certain activities because of your blurred vision. With laser eye surgery, you don’t have to wear these anymore. This procedure takes only a few minutes and delivers results immediately.

We Deliver Results

We provide our patients with laser eye surgery in Ogden with the help of innovative equipment and proven techniques. We at Clayson Williams Eye Center have more than 30 years of experience in improving and preserving vision in northern Utah. We integrate our expertise with modern methodologies and research to deliver on our promise.

Brice Williams, M.D., Ph.D., Fred Clayson, M.D., and Bruce Lundin, O.D., all have the combined experience to provide patients the procedures they need to improve their eyesight. Our doctors have varying expertise in macular degeneration, cataract surgery, ophthalmology, LASIK, and anything related to eye health. We assess a patient’s eyes to determine the root cause of their problem and offer the ideal form of treatment that achieves the best possible results.